Another 1st Step

How many times is one person allowed to start over? 10? 100? Each day we wake up to face another 24 hours of unpredictability and emotion. To arrive at a new day is proof that there was victory in the day before it. I wake and eat something, laugh at something if I’m lucky, and perform tasks which are either mundane or crucially significant, but at the end of it all what’s left? When I have run out of days and my eyes no longer open to behold the things I passively take for granted, what will I have left behind?

As of yet, I have 28 years under my belt and about 200 million first steps in my rearview. I’ve tried, fallen, and tried again so many times that beginning and failing are one in the same. Failure has never disqualified me for the race. It has only meant that I predicted an outcome that wasn’t realized. I still believe in Victory, so once again, I have traded my dust for diesel and I am back on the road of Life.

Will I finally do what I’ve been afraid to do my entire life? Is this the season where healing meets my deepest wounds? Is it now finally my “eventually”?

Who knows… This time, I may actually soar to that higher height I’ve been daydreaming about.

We shall see.

I Am Eryka

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