What is enough?

To influence a move of action… to warrant a response or reaction… What, if anything, will ever be enough?

Parents give their children heavy, tiny little secrets to hold and as the child goes – the secret grows within them. The secret that wasn’t even theirs to begin with starts to become them. Have you ever given yourself over to someone else’s messes simply because they trusted you with their secret. 

I have an idea. Let’s keep our own secrets! They’re heavy and dingy enough without adding on the troubles of another. 

Secrets clutter the mind like old, soiled laundry in an otherwise clean bedroom. The room was intended for rest, and it’s been scattered with junk. Something is very wrong with that. 

The purpose of a thing is revealed in the intentions of he who made it. God didn’t intend to build man and then fill him with he filth of the world’s secrets. That wasn’t the plan. No man is a landfill, so why do we fill each other’s spaces with garbage?

Not anymore!

Don’t ruin me with your secrets. I’d rather live in the light of honesty where secrets are immediately exposed and revealed for what they truly are. 

Don’t lie to me. The fear you have of telling the truth belongs to you. Leave me free to learn the truth. Say nothing, before you decide to speak a lie to me. Your silence is easier to comprehend than the folly of misspoken words. 

Daddy, stop lying to yourself. Mommy, stop hiding and pretending to cover these lies. World, stop being a place of filthy, detestable secrets!


I am Eryka. 

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