Pinterest Inspired 

Saw this post & realized I could do it too!

Clothing is one of my favorite parts of life. I love the way an outfit can transform how the world receives us. Barbie taught me that I could do anything as long as I dressed the part. 

Some days I am a chef. I prepare and serve meals wearing an apron. Some times I assist a caterer which comes with an nice official black Chef jacket. On Sunday, I am a worshipper draped in a beautiful blue choir robe. Other times I am a teacher chasing behind young minds in my most comfy pair of Nike sneakers. I am Glamourous when I have to be, but Modest, always. Careful to look like the woman I know I am.

Clothing helps, but it started when God gave my heart a makeover. I don’t look the same inside, so it’s no surprise that I change on the outside. God has gifted me to fit many different roles and I wear many hats, but my favorite hat is the one which reads #ErykaIAM. Being Eryka, in the most open & full sense provides all the strength, courage, and motivation I need. 

I am Eryka. Nobody else can be a better me than me, so I vow to always be the best me I can be. 

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