Don’t fall for the Snooze button…

Someone made their social media status “Let’s start a support group for procrastinators.” And the first comment under it read, “Tomorrow.” How easy is it to put things off until tomorrow? Soooooo incredibly easy! 

But, that doesn’t mean we should! I am very acquainted with the Snooze button on my alarm. I set a series of alarms that go off in 30 minute intervals. You’re saying, ‘Why not just get up on the first alarm?’ I tell myself it’s because I like sleep, but in reality: I am a serial procrastinator. I like putting things off – not because I’m busy doing something else, but because I can. Or, can I? This morning’s Snooze fest attributed to my being 15 minutes late for an appointment. I’m hardly ever late, but I find myself pushed back on a list I started at the top of all because I hit ‘Snooze’ instead of rising at the first alarm. 

Take it from me, sleep will be there when you return to your bed, but you’re missing out and being pushed back on lists when you choose to procrastinate!

Let’s get to it! 

I am Eryka. 

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