I told God ‘Yes’

Back in 2012, I accepted a job that I was extremely fit for, or so I thought. That job moved me to a big city and I was on my own for the first time in my entire life. I paid all my bills each month. I sacrificed and learned how to adjust my lifestyle to fit my new career and income. I adopted a dog. I bought a new car. I upgraded to an even better apartment. 

One lovely September day in 2014, after being promoted three times and shown so much favor and love by the company, I was told blatantly, “You have to leave God at the door.” I gave my notice almost immediately. Within weeks, I found myself without the very career that got me to that place of independence I thought I had. The company I had given my best to, told me to leave my best, God, at the door. That wasn’t an option. I chose to resign rather than risk my relationship with God. 

By saying ‘Bye’ to them, I was also saying ‘Yes’ to the Lord. Within months I was moving out of the apartment I had worked so hard for and back to Louisiana to my parents’ home. I surrendered my vehicle because the last thing unemployed people need is bills! By 2016, I had no career, no car, no apartment, a bunch of thoughts and no true independence of my own – or so I thought. 

When I said ‘Yes’ to God, I had no idea it would cost me everything I had at the moment. Looking back, I traded all my stuff for a promise that 3 years later, I still have not fully realized. Does that mean I misheard God? Does it mean I made a mistake somewhere? Not at all!

See, I went through seasons of longing for income so I worked random jobs for money which brought no true fulfillment. When you work for money, all you end up with is money, or what you spent said money on. I surrendered the car with my name on it, but because God is so perfect at providing, I am never without transportation. I have access to two vehicles around the clock. I wake up to both my parents every day. My dog has a huge yard to run in as oppose to the tiny walking area at the apartment which required a leash. I understand what I had. I understand what I gave up. I understand what it left me with, and I’m pleased to report that as of July 1, 2017 I will be more close to the promise of God than ever before. I had to submit the resignation. I had to surrender. I had to forfeit. I had to give up on the life I was building in order to make room for the life God already built for me. 

Not every day is peachy. God has given me gifts and I know my Destiny is attached to how I use those gifts. I can’t stop now. It’s only the middle! I can’t give up or rest because this isn’t the end. What I see today isn’t the vision that I said ‘Yes’ to and if I don’t keep going, I won’t ever see it. 

Some times the ‘Yes’ requires us to start over, but take it from me – there is more hope and wonder attached to your ‘Yes’ than there is loss and discouragement. Everyday I wake up free of stress. I don’t have to please a boss. I am not strapped to pay bills and afraid that I’ll be evicted. I am not frustrated at a broken car or empty gas tank. I am living a peculiar, minimalist lifestyle and I have more than I’ve ever had before! 

God blows my mind. 

I dare you: Take a chance on God and be willing to trade your pile of stuff for His hand on You. See, whether I’m broke or wealthy, I’m called by God. Whether I’m indoor or outside, I belong to God. Whether I’m single or married, I am God’s property. No matter what my physical status is, my spirit, my soul is anchored in Christ Jesus. Destiny is simply a matter of time at this point. 

Stay tuned. 

I am Eryka. 

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