Blood Donor

Everyday all over the world, thousands of folks donate blood and plasma. They are told their donation might save a life. Once they’ve donated, they even receive a few dollars or a gift in exchange. 

Peep this: One man gave blood over 2,000 years ago for the remission of sins. What’s even better is, that same blood also saves lives, heals diseases and restores the broken. The difference between the blood of that one man and the blood of the countless others who donate at blood banks is simple: The blood of Jesus is essentially the blood of God. It is not visibly seen, but it is extremely powerful. 

Just as a donor believes that their blood might help someone with a medical need, when we choose to believe in Jesus Christ, His blood immediately begins to work in our life. I am grateful for the individuals who contribute to God’s healing plan by donating blood and their talents (Doctors & Nurses), but their blood can’t wash away my sins. Their blood doesn’t grant me Eternal Life. Their blood comes from the fleah and will therefore only work in the flesh. The blood of Christ is SPIRIT from the hands of God himself. It reaches the spirit. It soothes the soul. It truly runs deep. 

If you haven’t had an encounter with God through the Holy SPIRIT of Jesus, it may be time for a blood transfusion. Don’t you think? 

I am Eryka. 

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