Mister Blu

I have a dog! He’s so much more than a Dog. He’s more like a very furry human who walks with weird posture. 

He’s a mixed, mixed breed. His first human family is also a different race than mine, so he’s even more multicultural. To top it off, his fur is black and white. He’s a walking, barking example of God’s genius. He’s first a soul, then an animal, but to me, he’s a friend. My dog is my friend. He accepts all my quirks even though he can’t comprehend them. He looks forward to every rub and belly scratch and never gets tired of my touch. He rejoices when I come home even if I’ve only been gone five minutes. Unlimited cuddles! It’s almost like God sent Him into my life on purpose. 

Actually I know that’s exactly what God did. He gave me something to care for and think of. He gave me something outside of myself that’s much like myself, yet totally opposite and I have the humble honor of nurturing, teaching and leading this amazing little soul wrapped in a fur suit. 

Mr. Blu is not my first pet, but through the love of this dog, God taught me how to be a friend and truly care for others. For that, I’m grateful. 

I am Eryka. 

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