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There was once a day where I used to wonder if Jesus even knew our address.. then I realized we had to send out the invitation! We send it & He comes! Then, He keeps coming! I can see possibility. Idk how He’s gonna do it, but I know He will. I don’t when it’s going to happen, but I remain confident that it will happen in my day! 
Come on over, Jesus. The door is open. 

I am Eryka. 

Ps. It’s been nearly a year since the Great Flood of 2016. My older brother’s home was destroyed in the flood and after 10 months of waiting, wondering and almost losing hope, God sent a team of volunteers who are completing the construction on my brother’s home at no cost. Waiting on God may not be the most exciting process, but it pays off. God can do what no man can! He makes things happen. We only have to be still and trust him. That means, sit down, shut up and put your hands in your lap. God’s promise is complete! 

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