Humans are funny. We buy things we think we may want to wear someday. We pin things on Pinterest that we tend to accomplish eventually. We hold on to memories of things and people who have hurt us with plans to avenge them when the time is right. We collect people who we may want to hang out with when the opportunity presents itself. We have dreams that we stockpile like canned soup with the intentions of completing them and the graveyard is filled with those same dreams, still unaccomplished. 

There’s a difference between a Collectible and a Valuable. Collectibles are held with the hope of future evolution. We imagine that Collectibles will have worth, someday. AValuable on the other hand is kept because it already has value. If it requires upkeep, we perform it. If it incurs damage, we repair it. Our lives are filled with Valuables that carelessly great like Collectibles. 

Take your ideas, resources, hurts, talents, and Experience out of the glass case. They’re all Valuable & the time is now! Let’s not go on collecting useless trinkets, toxic people included, and start exhibiting our Valuables to their fullest potential!

I am Eryka. 


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