I Subscribed to God & He became my Follower

Ahhhh! Somebody read that and immediately had a mental breakdown. God is not my follower in the same way that I am His. I follow Him to be led and instructed by Him. He’s my provider and my Father. He’s my follower in the sense that He’s tuned in to my every word whether spoken, written or tweeted. He reads every journal entry. He’s good like that. 

When I began this blog, I didn’t tell any humans about it, on purpose. I knew that God would be handling that part. He’s reading it and if He sees fit, He’ll send others by. I’m more interested in emptying my mind than attracting followers. If God himself is following me, paying attention to my every action and listening to my every word, it matters not what man thinks. 

So, is My Father pleased with me? I like to think so; he’s already sent more than 5 strangers to the blog. He’s never hesitated to step in and correct me or redirect me before. To God be the Glory! 
I am Eryka. 

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