I wish children didn’t have to experience hunger and abuse.  I wish church people didn’t live double lives. Easier said than done though. We all have secrets. #ThingsWeHide

I wish women felt safe in their homes and that men recognized their true leadership ability and used it for good. I wish we all knew our true identity. I wish no one wore masks.

And I wish you would just, Show yourself!

What would happen if for one day, we all showed our true selves? What would happen if we allowed God to meet us in our secret life? What would happen if He forgave us for all our mistakes and began to lead our life into Righteousness? 

What if, right? Well I believe in turning What If into WHAT IS, and here’s WHAT IS: Jesus is Lord. God is all powerful. We don’t have to be broken, disgusting individuals! We can be better! We can live better! The only thing in the way is… self. 

So I declare: Move Self, get out the way! I’m on my way to NEW. 

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