Friendship Blues

A lot of people remain in bondage longer than they have to because of the relationships they stay in. Who we spend our time with influences us the most. What we see and hear the most often, we become. 
Surgery your circle. Is there room for improvement? Who or what are you relational with that’s hindering God’s purpose for your life. Remember: Everybody can’t go where you’re going, and you won’t get there either unless you unload the extra baggage an uninvited passengers. 

God gave me this awhile back:  

Signs They’re a Bad Friend
#1. They don’t know Jesus. They don’t fellowship or behave in a Godly manner. While you may witness to them, be careful not to get entangled with them. Allow the Christ in You to be a example they can follow. 

#2. Envy/They imitate You –  They don’t get the idea to do something until you do, but they rush ahead of you to do it. 

#3 Selfishness/Greed – They expect support, but don’t give it: they make you their audience but don’t show up for you. They may also borrow ideas and even clothing, etc but they don’t return or credit you for them. Takers don’t make good friends. 

#4 Controlling – They manipulate you into doing things for them by making you think it benefits you (pacify effect). For instance, they invite you be apart of something simply to get your gifts or talents to work in their favor.

#5 Users – Lets face it; you are pretty awesome. You have connections and resources that others enjoy.  A bad friend only shows up because they want something from you or think they benefit from being where you are. They rarely chip in to help, but they love to tag along for the main event. 

#6 Cowards – I use that term for a reason. Some people are afraid, of everything. They’re afraid to be wrong. They’re afraid to lose. They don’t apologize. They hide and when they’re ready to need you again, They give gifts to make themselves feel better about wronging you. You know when a gift is being given from a place of guilt. It doesn’t even feel good to open. 

#7 Denial (Common in romantic situations) – They avoid acknowledging your issues with them by convincing you to live with them. This is an abusive trait. Abusers often convince their victim that somehow it’s their fault. Avoid people who blame you for their mistakes. Do not accept their blame. It’s not you, it’s them. 

       Another part of that is – Disassociation with their flaws – They agree that what they did was wrong, but they don’t accept responsibility for doing it: “I am not the bad guy here.” This also happens in romantic situations. One partner will do something that hurts the other and they avoid responsibility by proclaiming that though what happened is bad, they shouldn’t be held accountable. Also, abusive behaviors. 

Here’s the hard truth: not everyone in your life belongs there. You’ve picked up some people along the way who have infected you. That’s okay! Submit all of that to God. Break away from toxic relationships and draw near to God. 

God will send people into your life who match your destiny. He will equip them to be what He needs them to be for Him, first. If you keep company with people who do not reverence God, be careful that they don’t lead you away. 

Know your Value. God wants your to have friends. What greater friend to have than Jesus? And in Jesus, you will meet amazing people who will become friends. 

Just trust God and Wait!

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