I’ve done a lot of things for a lot of people in my day. There are several people who consider me loyal and dependable because that’s what I’ve displayed to them. I was recently called “the nicest person I’ve ever met” by two different individuals. It’s nice to be thought of in that regard, but then I wonder just how much of that is true. 

I’m the one that’s asked for favors, rides, help with such and such, babysitting, resume writing, counseling, errand running and the list goes on. When I find myself in a position where it seems I could use some help from somebody, I search and call and ask and I come up with excuses and disappointment. 

I have accepted that people will not always do for me what I do for them. I have also accepted that if I am to continue being this loving, giving person, I must release my expectations of what I desire from people. See, you shouldn’t lend what you can’t afford to give away. Time, talents, favors, money  & energy are all things that once given are hard to get back. 

Don’t give with the expectation of a return. God will produce the return. Jesus is the return. 

Do I wish all people treated each other better? Definitely! Could I use some help some times? Uhhh yeah! But I am learning to look up when I need help. My help comes from God who sits high above the Hills. 

My spirit isn’t the brightest today, yet I will still look up in awe of my God. He’s still good. 

I am Eryka 

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