Trial Time

In the early 2000’s a rapper called ‘The Last Mr. Bigg’ recorded and released a song titled “Trial Time.” (It’s not the most pure and innocent song ever made, so listen at your own risk. Thank God for delivering me from listening to that type of stuff daily!) In the song, the artist lists all the things He had done to provide for His family. He lists the good and the not so good. All the reasons come together to essentially build a case against Him and his response is “Let’s take it to trial.”

In life, I have done some things that were not to cool. Thank God, I haven’t found myself breaking the law or harming another individual but we can all agree that all of us sin in some way, or another. Well, there have been several times when people have tried to put me on trial for things they held me accountable to whether I did them or not. There have been times where one individual lied on me which caused 10 others to attack me. In those situations I found myself fighting for my truth which none of them believed. I had to defend myself when I wasn’t in error. 

Have you ever been there? People will put on their best ‘bad’ attitudes and make build complete stages filled with gossiping, back-biting onlookers simply to prove you wrong, or put you in your place. Don’t let them! 

See, no matter what you do or don’t do to a person, God is judge of us all. If you wrong someone, apologize, repent and move forward, but do not accept a court day for a trial that hasn’t been ordained by your judge. People like attention. If you’ve held a spotless reputation for some time, there are vultures, demons really, inside people around you just waiting for the chance to point the finger at you. They want you to be wrong so bad that some times they will even exaggerate the facts or flag out lie. 

So again, I tell you Do not allow PEOPLE to put you on trial. They will accuse you, abuse you, then eventually forget about you. In Christ, we are forgiven, anointed and sent back to the mission field to help others. That’s how God’s judgement works. As far as this world goes, when the enemy comes to you expecting you to carry all of his faults, plead the 5th, wish Him well and keep it moving. 

God has purpose for your life and every minute we waste convincing people, could’ve been better spent serving the people. 

I am Eryka. 

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