Sing Song

Random fact about me: If I can respond in song, I will. I also make up random songs out of whatever I’m doing, like washing dishes, bathing the dog. 

Singing is like breathing to me. When I go too many days without hearing music or making it, I become deeply inter-focused and depressed! Weird!!! So, I have been singing random songs all day. I thought I would share my list here in case I ever need something to reference to for a random pick me up.
Sweet 16 (Destiny’s Child)

Wishing on a Star (Beyonce’s version)

Greatest Love of All (Whitney Houston)

If only you knew (Patti LaBelle) 

Keep on Singing my Song (Christina Aguilera)

Change Me (Tamela Mann)

Falling in Love with Jesus (Kirk Whalum)

I am not in love, or missing anyone that my conscious mind can think of. I guess I enjoy singing songs with high notes and screaming! 

Hey, whatever works right? No more BAD days!

I am Eryka. 

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