Untitled, a poem

I found myself lost in a memory yesterday

I felt him quite vividly, & part of me wanted it to stay

I’ve done so well without him even to this day

Until my mind reminded me of that place in time when there was nothing left to say

He parted my legs like lips

Diving in he said, “listen to this”

From that first whisper to a kiss

His tongue spoke in riddles of bliss

Arched upward, feeling high – I saw a star and made a wish

Here it comes again & it coats my lover’s face like honey in a dish

And I would be remiss

If I forgot to mention this,

But… I’ve been celibate ever since.

I am Eryka

I shared this poem because there’s a misconception attached to celibacy and abstinence that the desire disappears when the decision is made to abstain. It’s quite the opposite – the desire is from God so it doesn’t disappear, but in honoring God by abstaining, part of the agreement is to become intimate with God. One cannot simply make Love to God, but He IS Love. He yearns for you. He longs for your voice. In times of desire or yearning, I have learned to turn to God. He gives me beautiful poetry with vivid imagery and blesses me to share. Read between the lines of your desire, I pray you see God. 

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