Perks, please?

I downloaded a popular shop’s mobile app and within hours, deals and other special opportunities were flooding my notifications. 

Free Icecream! 

Half off certain products!

Free samples!

All because I encountered the mobile app! So I asked myself, what perks do people receive when they encounter me? Do they leave smiling and excited, or hurt and confused? Am I carrying around a good set of benefits for those I encounter? 

Hopefully, I am! It is my intention to leave everyone I meet feeling joyful and at peace. I never want to be the cause of someone’s disappointment or anger, but it happens. 

I can’t control how I’m received. I can only measure what I give and how much I gave. Some days all I have to offer is a smiling face and a hug, and I have learned that some days, that’s all someone needs. 

Free Perks, anyone? 

I am Eryka. 

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