Truth Moment

I loved school until life became bigger than school. At some point around age 15, school was in the way of the bigger and better I thought I needed to take hold of. 

I went to college. 4 Years. I was a Junior by my second calendar year and my gpa was above 3.2. The only vision is has was pledging a sorority, meeting the he whom would become my husband, and “doing life.” My major changes every semester after that 2nd year. I pledged the sorority, but I went from Dean’s List to near Academic Probation. I went to parties. I performed poetry on campus. I was popular due to my affiliation with the sorority. But I was failing at school. In year 4, I met my ex-husband, who was not a college student and also lacked vision. Why did I marry Him? Honestly, because he chose me. No one else did. Eventually I dropped out of school. I got everything from college, but a degree.

Since then, I have divorced, been out of work then extremely successful and on a fast track in the banking field, to giving up everything to follow Jesus. I had no vision at 18, but somehow between 18-25 I acquired 4 years of higher education, a husband then an ex husband, a career, a home of my own, a car of my own & even lived in Dallas, Texas on my own for 2 entire years! So much happened, yet nothing really happened. Without a vision, I had no blueprint. I was making whatever decision satisfied at that moment. I wasn’t building a life. I was simply experiencing it. 

Today – I am still living for Jesus. Somedays, that’s the only thing that’s certain. I want to see what happens if I trust God. I want to see what happens if I continue to walk the risky straight and narrow path. I want to see what God has for me on the other side of peculiar sacrifice and public disgrace. Jesus went through it. He was rewarded. That reward belongs to me, as well. 

I just want to make it to whatever my destiny is. Wherever my ‘Why’ ends, is where I yearn to dwell. I will keep going until I am staring the giver of my purpose face to face.  

Oh the original point of this post: I truly desire to go back to school. I actually have vision now. I want to make good grades and study and appreciate the process. I don’t want to take extra credits and rush but end up overwhelmed. I want that degree. I’ve definitely paid for it. 

I am Eryka. 

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