Faces of Men 

Long story short, I have been avoiding doing something that I am incredibly passionate about (& good st might I add),  because one person threw a tantrum when I stepped up to fulfill the assignment. See, God gave me a vision and He leads me to certain places in which I can ultimately do my part to fulfill the purpose behind that vision. I’ve been like Joseph in the sense that I’ve shared that vision with people who were not ready or intended to receive it. As a result, I have found myself in positions where people have used my own visions against me. 

Nothing new. People like playing the victim. God gives me a good idea and all of a sudden they accuse me of taking over. Get this: NO ONE ELSE HAS ANY OTHER IDEAS. Soooo TYPICAL. They don’t want to do it and don’t want anyone else to do it either. Crab syndrome at its best. 

Here’s the best part of it all, the lesson: God told the prophet Jeremiah not to be afraid of men and their faces because He (God) would be with Jeremiah. (Jeremiah is 1:8) I stopped and pondered on that. Do not be afraid – easy to understand. “Of their faces…” what could that mean?

“Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the LORD.” Jeremiah 1:8 asv 

People wear faces. Today they’re supportive, but tomorrow they’re you’re worst enemy. One moment they’re all business, the next it’s all fun and games. They’re polite in public and unbearable at home. Church people tend to wear the most costumes! Yet, God has sent me to teach Church People.

I believe that God wanted Jeremiah to be bold, not just because the assignment requires bravery and courage, but because God knew that people would show their many faces. When God enters a place of tradition and old ways, He’s bound to shake some things up. Not everyone can handle being stirred, so they whine and complain – pointing fingers at others because they feel that if someone steps in, they may be replaced. 
It’s something how we all desire to be remembered and counted. We all want to be significant. I was bullied in Junior High by girls who went home to neglect from their mothers, no knowledge of their fathers and ultimately broken families. They found pleasure and importance in being able to taunt me with their words. Maybe they forgot how miserable they really were while they were fixated on making me miserable. 

They won back then because I believed them. I wasn’t bold enough to believe I was fearfully and wonderfully made! Thank God that He has shown me over and over That I do matter. I am significant. I can do it; whatever it is! I am not defined by man nor am I moved by his many faces!

I will not be afraid of the faces of men. Most of us them are wearing masks and defenses anyway! They pretend while they can be seen then diminish into tiny remnants of hopeless insecurity. This is why it’s important to pray for those who hurt us. 

Only a person who has been hurt willing hurts others. 

So, tomorrow I dare to stand face to face with one who once intimidated me. I understand that my passion and new perspective is a threat to the old way of doing this – that’s why I show up. If someone is offended or feels replaced as a result of me functioning to my full potential, well that’s just too bad. 


I am Eryka 

It confuses the enemy that I smile when I could be crying. #JOYisTheNewBlack

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