I have a friend…

I’ve previously posted about my experience with the world of friendship. There have been many who have come and gone. I’ve been a great friend at times and a horrible friend at times. 

One friend… she’s so familiar. She lives nearly 12 hours away, but she’s so close. She and I met at church. She’s two years older, but we just get each other. I remember when she met her now husband. I remember when she was graduating and moving to Texas. I remember when she and her husband only desired to be parents, now they actually are to a handsome son!

What I love most about my friend is that she is willing to be vulnerable with me. She listens as I pour out, and she trusts me enough to do the same. She even lets me ramble on and on giving advice etc. and that has shown me more about myself than any other friendship. 

The greatest friends are those who are there in season and out of season.

She reflects who I believe I am. I hope you have a friend that reflects the very best of you and that receives all of you in Love, on purpose. 

Don’t forget: Jesus is the greatest friend of them all. 

I am Eryka. 

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