Enter Resting

Interesting how to enter rest we must first choose to stop. Similarly, to begin again, we must choose to go. 

Interesting how things that interest us must first enter us and rest

Interesting how every living thing has breath, even plants. Even after being disconnected from its root, transported across borders and cut into garments, Cotton still breathes

Words interest me. They entered me when God used words to form me. Therefore, words rest within my inner. I choose to stop and receive them, and when I exhale, they flow out of me like streams of living water. 

My breath is what makes this blog more than words. My interest in words is what makes them more than letters strung together in pronounceable clusters. 

What’s resting in your inner? What’s interesting to you? Furthermore, is it worth recycling? Is your inner capable of breathing life to the waters in your reach?


I am Eryka.  

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