Flashlight Friends

Flashlights are necessary. Not always, but when they’re needed, they are needed! I feel the same way about true friends. 

I’ve always believed that I should keep close those friends I can fall in love with over and over again. I’m not speaking of a romantic love, but a genuine appreciation of the soul type of love for your kin. 

Friendship is hard. It happens in the middle of life. While you’re burying a loved one, your friend is breaking up with the love of her life. A big promotion in one’s life comes at the exact moment another’s seems to be crumbling. One friend finds love just as another signs divorce papers. Friendship is life. Truly, a gift.

Friends who are there when they’re really needed SHINE, like flashlights

On my worst days, a friend calls and needs me and because I place their need on my To-Do List, I find purpose and value and remember that God needs me as much as I need Him. 

Because I am a friend of God, I can extend Him in the ways I treat my friends. In return, I get to experience His supernatural Love through them. I get to expose my wounds and be understood; at the same time I learn something even more extraordinary about those I keep close. 

Fall in love with your friends! They represent the best parts of us and they challenge our potential! If your friends don’t bring out your gifts and your light, evaluate the relationship. Could it be time for changes?

Lol. Some friends are placed in our lives just to exhibit what friends should be so that the imposters don’t trick us when they come. I digress. 

I am Eryka

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