Spoiled Rotten

My dad was 42 when his 36 year old wife informed Him that she was expecting. 9 months later came Baby Precious Princess (as they so affectionately refer to their new edition). That precious little princess baby was me!

I have had an interesting upbringing. I had the best of everything provided to me, but I also didn’t get as much personal attention and nourishing as I may have needed. M daddy loves to work! Hes an artist. He paints, builds and transforms homes. His DNA is in the walls of many businesses and homes around the entire city of Baton Rouge. 

This morning, I went to work with daddy. Some times he hires me to clean up the worksite once renovation is complete. After leaving the job, we stopped by another building His DNA lives in, Cortana Mall. Cortana Mall was Baton Rouge’s main shopping center for most of my life. My first job was at an accessories boutique in that mall. I remember when my dad painted and help build certain parts of that mall. In so many ways, Cortana Mall is a piece of my heritage, and at the end of this month, JCPenney is closing its doors at that mall. The only main retailer left is Dillard’s and it’s now a “Clearance Center.” Hair salons, a community college and a few restaurants remain in the huge space that was once the place to be after school and on weekends. 

I’m sad that Cortana is nearly extinct, but I have been extremely blessed to have worked, walked and shopped those halls all these years. When we stopped in today, the goal was to see what shoes JCPenney had on sale. Turns out, there were a total of 5 pairs of shoes in the entire store, but there was lots of everything else. 

We spent north of $300 in about an hour. My dad let me pick up any and everything I could find. We got things for Mom. He got himself a few items. Overall, it was a morning well spent. Where the walls of Cortana will soon be left to be ruined by mold, graffiti and squatters, my parents and I have made some wonderful memories there. 

I’m reminded of God’a restoration ability. He takes the failure of an entire shopping center and uses it to build and revamp families and relationships all over the world. When familiar places close, all their fans from far and wide typically come out to scan the racks and remember the fun times. Hugs are being exchanged. Connections are being resatablished. Marriages are finding healing in the simple act of picking out new bedding together. God is simply, GOOD. 

Mom is ready for Part 2 of the great JCP Shopping Spree of July 2017. She’s literally getting dressed to leave out again right now. 

RIGHT NOW. My heart is full! I have not had a job in 3 years which means shopping for me has occurred only when absoelutly necessary, but today I have truly been blessed. 

I am Eryka 

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