Daddy’s Baby

My first spoken word was “Hey!” The recipient of that word? My Daddy. He had a habit of coming in after work and coming over to me saying “Hey Pumpkin! Hey Daddy’s Baby.” Legend has it, one random day I said it back. His face resembles a newly decorated Christmas tree as he recounts the story time after time. 

And me… I’m still walking around smiling at everyone and saying “Hey!” Whether I know you or not, you’re getting a smile, a greeting and possibly a compliment. If you’re set on ignoring me, you won’t be able to. The proof: While at my Daddy’s doctor’s appointment today, one of the ladies at the welcome desk was Hell bent on ignoring my friendly greeting. Once we were finished handling business, I made it a point to stop in front of her and smile. She looked up, finally, and smiled back at me! 

I think we give up on people too soon! I’m glad my daddy said “Hey Pumpkin!” over and over. It taught me to speak! Not talk, but speak.. 

Acknowledge someone today and let the joy of kindness awaken something spectacular in you. 

I am Eryka 

A Tip of the hat is a sign of a true gentleman!

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