Quotes from my Notes

Found these in an old email and thought I’d share:

“The Process is the Premise to the Promise of Your Purpose.” – ErykaIAM 10-10-15

He goes ahead of us to make preparations. He has already been where He is calling us to therefore we have no thing to fear and no reason to doubt. We say we are His sheep. We call Him our Shepherd. Why aren’t we following Him? 

“As long as you work for things, all You will have is what your work can acquire.” – ErykaIAM 11-2-15

If we abide in Him (Jesus Christ), we bear much fruit. Without Him, we can do no thing. (John 15:4-7) The pursuit of stuff only leads to clutter. The pursuit of God leads to truth. 

Do you want to be Truthfully Free or bound to clutter? Jesus is the only way!

I am Eryka. 

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