You Can Get It

There was a saying when I was studying at Southern University A&M & Southeastern La Univ (yeah I college hopped) that became even more popular with the climb of Social Media. Via web, the acronym “CGI” was spreading the seemingly public service announcement and spoken, it said “You can Get it.” 

Now from my understanding of the term back then, it was what one said about someone they were interested in sleeping with. There is a lyric in John Legeng’s song Greenlight where Andre 3000 says, “I heard you when you told your friend, ooh he can get it.” I mention that only to emphasize the point of the phrase. Ultimately it communicated that You, being anyone, can get it, meaning virtually anything from sex to a fight. 

Where am I going with this? Well, I believe that this is a message being fed to all human beings in one way or another. School says “You can get it” in regards to the degree of your choosing. Jobs say “You can get it” in reference to perks and career advancement, but it costs your life. Men and women say “you can get it” to each other from a place of lust and impurity and it leads to miserable marriages, children who grow up in divided and broken homes and ultimately a bitter generation of people. But there’s hope! God says “You can get it” in reference to Eternal Life. It’s based on Faith in Jesus Christ and his track record is impeccable. 

Who wouldn’t want that? In a world of “You can get it,” my advice is to make sure what you’re getting now will benefit you for always… eternity is a long time to spend regretting all the sin of a few decades of life. 

So, my friends You can Get it. Christ is Yours. Destiny is yours for the taking. Will you reach out and grab it?

I am Eryka

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