PRAISE the LORD, but why?!

Why do we who Love God praise Him? Why are we always speaking of His goodness and His amazing character? Why do we lift our hands during worship? Why do we sing positive words even when life is going terribly wrong? I’m glad you asked. 

Praise puts us in Position and life in Perspective. There are 100+ Psalms written to aide us in praising God. The writers often mention the sorrow and suffering they are experiencing, but the overall message is always Praise God! So we wonder how one can Praise when so much is bad in their life, but it’s because praise is a choice. When we praise, we are choosing to see God instead of looking at what’s wrong. 

“When you lift your praise, your burdens have to fall.” ErykaIAM 8/25/15

If you are sad and sing a happy song to God, it changes your mood. When you are in pain, but you choose to clap for God anyhow, you can no longer feel the pain. Praise is not magic. It’s not a wand that makes things better. Praise is a method. A gift we can hand back over to God at will. It’s an offering. 

Praise is like showing up to God’s door step with His favorite cake in tow. 

Praise also confuses the enemy of God. When the enemy is doing everything He can to block the work of God including: killing His children, ruining His church and blaspheming his name, He thinks he has won. But when the children of God open their mouths and hearts and begin praising God anyway, the enemy again loses his sting. 

When someone breaks your arm, the last thing they expect is for you to dance and Thank God for it. See, God understands praise. The enemy doesn’t. So, Praise God! Because you’re alive. You’re well. You’re healed. Youre free! You’re still here! Praise God so your burdens can fall! 

I am Eryka 

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