Home cooked Meals

3 things I appreciate the most about Homecooked Meals

1. I get to be apart of the experience. There’s something special about seeing food be transformed. From the smells to the taste tests, the entire process of a meal excites me. 

2. Homecooked Meals are catered towards its recipients. Sure at the restaurant you can “have it your way,” but it’s still not as personal as your favorite dish being seasoned, rubbed and cooked by hands who know you and more importantly, love you. 

3. They’re comfortable! A Homecooked meal, even at the home of someone else is just comfortable. There’s an intimate atmosphere where people laugh, grow and share together then you add the preparation and service of a great meal and it’s an all inclusive experience. 

Why is this girl writing about mealtime? Well, the Bible says we should not live by meat and bread alone, but that every word that comes from God is meant for nourishment as well. As I sit in gratitude after having an amazing meal made by my mother and I, I see the beauty in the spiritual Meals we eat also. The word of God is designed by the one who also designed you and me. He prepared the word to suit us. He speaks to us where we are and how we are. 

My Mom, the Queen of Mealtime, while dining out in Florida

The word of God is like a Homecooked meal , made in God’s presence by God’s hand using all of God’s divine ingredients. So, that said… I make sure to nibble on the word throughout the day. Not because I want to look Holy or knowledgeable, but because it feeds my soul in the same way Mom’s mustard greens fill my stomach. 

I need God. I need His presence. I need His way. Furthermore, I delight in all that He is. 

I am Eryka 

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