Thinking about Sex

Wait, until you’re married. They say. 

Don’t marry too young. They say. 

Honor me with your body. God says. 

And it all just seems so impossible, but I can only speak for myself. 

I recommitted myself to Christ & abstained with my ex before we married young. I was faithful to the ex. Isn’t that honorable? But what I did simply wasnt enough. Divorced happened. 

Cool. Fast forward. Recovery has happened. Healing continues to happen, but I have definitely made it my business to move on. That said, I know too well that all of the expectations of society and even man’s interpretation of God are ridiculously hard to meet. 

Human beings experience a shift in the body between the 9th and 13th year of life. That happens whether or not the individual believes in God, knows the difference between hetero & homo or even understands what sexuality means. They call it “puberty.” 

I read Bible stories and people in those times married young. They married during those “puberty” years or shortly after. I look back just one generation at my maternal and paternal grandmothers who both married before they were 20 years old. I don’t believe God designed humans to be single. Yes, we exist as individuals and I strongly believe that a great relationship consists of two people who are already complete before they meet… but having lived through puberty, the music video & chat room age and now the sex crazed web wired world, I can say with humble honesty that women need men and men need women. 

Sexual feelings are inevitable. Before one can explain them, one feels them. Before one is taught about sex, relationships, marriage or parenting, one finds themselves smack dab in the middle. That’s the entire idea of God’s creation. 

I don’t include lots of scripture & etc. because this blog is a type of journaling for me, but for background and further research, see Genesis chapters 1-3. God created the Earth in His timing. He gave everything order and a function. Once the Atmosphere had been established, God added Man to His already complete creation by using part of what He created (dirt) to form a body & breathing His very own spirit into the creature. 

God is complete,therefore His word is complete. God married His word by speaking into nothingness & the product was the Earth. The Earth is complete according to God’s design. Because the Earth is complete, God is able to use it to bring forth more product: Man. Now, when God designed Man, He had already placed enough of Himself into the atmosphere and the Man that the Man is qualified to rule over the land that produced him. Why? There’s only one creator. 

So Man is capable and knowledgeable and minding God’s business on God’s Earth. God has designed Man and Man is complete. The scenario seems perfect, but in chapter 2, God decided that “it’s not good for Man to be alone.” Although Man is complete, God’s vision included expansion and He realized that the Man could expand everything around Him, but himself, so God sent Man to sleep, pulled a rib and duplicated The completeness of Man in a new body with a slightly different composition and there is Woman. Woman, in her original form as God made her, is complete. 

God, complete. His Word, complete. The Earth & the fullness of it, complete. Man, complete. Woman, complete. 

Even God understands that although there’s much one can do on his or her own, because the vision is expansion, it’s better that they come together and build together. 

The changes our body go through during Puberty are part of the preparation for the assignment called Marriage God designed each Man and each Woman to enter into. Expansion, for humans, and most animals, requires sexual function. God created it that way. The desire to be sexual is a symptom of the desire to be married or reproductive. God created us to multiply. The body knows this, so it prepares. 

Life as a Woman designed to be part of God’s great Expansion plan is a beautiful blessing. The struggle and danger lies in going against the creator’s blueprint. What sucks is, no woman can just deem herself married. We must wait to be chosen or courted. In 2017, men are taught to do everything, except get married and be with one woman. 

God’s design was for One Woman and One Man to serve One God and create One Nation that belongs to Himself. Instead, the human being learned its sexual, physical & mental power and has misused freewill along the way. Sex sells everything from toothpaste to air freshener these days. Children are taught how to solicit themselves for sex before they ever learn their own identity. Who had it right? The folks of old who married off their 14 year old daughters? Or The 50 year old bachelor who has multiple children involving multiple women, yet he’s still unfulfilled and collecting more? Is it the young woman who has learned that her body can get her anything she wants, so shes learned to manipulate guys and when the condom breaks, $300 makes her problem go away?  (For the record I hate the idea of abortion with every ounce of my being. I am grateful for each life God allows to form. Each one has purpose and who are we to abort God’s plan? I don’t agree that it’s the “woman’s body” because God made her & she’s therefore not her own. I digress. )

The point is: God says procreate so that the Earth He created can continue to reflect its creator. Somewhere along the way, we decided we were better at being God. We took what we call control over our bodies and we sell them, or worse give them away. I see young ladies who practically beg for attention from men. The lie is that “everybody wants sex.” But it’s not sex that any of us are after. Our hormones understand it better than we do. God created us to exist as complete individuals who pair with one other complete individual to build a family that completes God’s original plan of Expansion for His names sake. 

I don’t blame Eve; the fruit she ate was just the first of many human errors, but Eve is gone. You and I are here now. 

What can we do differently? What will we do?

I am Eryka 

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