Was I?

"I was…" some times followed by a testimony; always preceding an experience. To be in the state of "was", one must have undergone a change. Was means past tense; not no more; used to be. Was is stronger than we have allowed it to be.

For me, my was is "married." I was married. It's quite an exhausting string of words after you've said it 10,000 times. The truth of the matter is, I was married, but I'm not now. I was in a bad situation, but I'm not now. I was trying to do things my way and followed what I thought "success" looked like, but I'm not now.

What is your "was"? Give your past just a little credit; it helped to form you. See, everything I used to be has laid bits and pieces of the foundation that is who I am. My identity isn't attached to who I was, but who I am. Therefore, when I speak of the was(s) in life, it's not with shame or regret. I am thankful for every was.

Every after has a before. Every am is born from a was.

I was lost, but Jesus found Me & now, I am His.

I am Eryka.

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