Smoothe Operator

I genuinely enjoy smoothies. I enjoy the machines that make them and the creativity and fun of the recipes.

Mom even ordered me a pineapple corer to help with the process!

As much as I enjoy my fruity, vegetable delights, Depression, Anger and the other emotional lies my brain tells me, hinder my smoothie making. Some days I barely feel like eating, let alone making food, so I grab whatever I see. That leads to me eating fast food or some other process junk that was easy at the time.

Lately, I've been conquering the imaginations of my mind by making a smoothie every day. I usually skip breakfast, but since I began looking forward to making the smoothie, I haven't missed First Meal. Yayyyy Me!

Life is simple. Do what feels good to your soul & your body will follow. I've spent so many years feeding my flesh that my soul had been starved. Now I understand that nourishment begins in the spirit. Care begins in the spirit.

Avocado + Pineapple + Green Apple + Celery + Spinach + Honey + Banana = Green Goodness !

I am Eryka.

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