Perfect LOVE triumphs over fear


That said, once He becomes everything to a person, Love begins to work in every area of the person's life.

I was very afraid of snakes until I met Christ. Nothing scares me in the sense that it used to. I no longer feel like things can get me. Adults have made it a habit to tell children "That _____ is gonna get you if you don't leave it alone." As a result fear begins to attach itself to things, when in reality, fear is invisible.

I typically say fear is a lie and it's not real, but the truth is, fear itself is very real. What we're fearful of is what's actually not real. For instance, I don't think I was ever afraid of the snake itself. I was afraid of what I was told would happen if I touched it. I was afraid of what I had seen snakes do to people, other people. The reality of it all is this: I am not other people. My life does not belong to another person's perception or decision making ability. My life is mine. Im no longer afraid of snakes because I encountered one that was sent to harm me and God didn't allow it to even touch me. What people said and told me about them may be true for them, but my truth is: no weapon formed against me shall prosper, not even a childhood phobia.

So fear… its most powerful way to approach us is through our mind. Fear sneaks in like a suggestion. The enemy can't make us do anything. God won't even make us do anything. We have free will. Suggestions come from every side. There are some suggestions that add to us, but for the moment, I want to highlight those suggestions that subtract from us.

3 Suggestions of Fear

1. Low self esteem is a suggestion built on discontentment and it believes that one isn't as good as they could or should be, but who decides that really? Only the one who made us can truly know what we could or should be! God suggests that we are confident in His ability because He understands that the world, the flesh and the mind will suggest that we are inadequate in our own ability. He actually intended it that way. We don't know exactly how far our gifts will take us, but God does. It's HIS job to promote, broadcast, and choose you. Nothing you can do in your own strength can even compare.

2. The idea that "Good things don't happen to me" is a suggestion that develops from experience. Maybe life has dealt you a few decades of not so great experiences. You have become so used to disappointment and rejection that just the idea of a personalized blessing is foreign to you. Stop it!! Truth is, all things in life perform together to create what's best for you and for me. (Rom 8:28) The author of this book that is Life wrote a happy ending. Because we know the ending is to prosper us and not to harm us, (Jer 29:11) it can inspire us to look forward to what's ahead even if what's behind us was less than perfect.

3. Lack is a lie that suggests that worth is measured by the system the world has taught its citizens to believe in. Money is printed to give a false sense of worth and value, and lack suggests that without the world's money, there's no value. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Lack comes to remind us that all of our help and all of our needs originate at one source: Jesus Christ. Voids are not meant to take from us. They're not there to empty us, but instead to provide an opportunity for God to add to us.

I've been afraid to be Loved. Crazy, right? I believe that I can Love, but my boundary has been at the point in which I have a chance to receive Love. I'm used to Mom and Dad's Love. I've grown comfortable with the "love" of certain people over time, but if I'm honest, it's never been Love. So many bonds exist based solely on comfort and familiarity. When something is like us, we tend to attach ourselves to it.

The beautiful thing is, I am learning how to
Love deeper as I open myself up to be Loved.

4 Suggestions of Perfect Love

1. Love doesn't know boundaries. It literally keeps going. Think about God in our lives. While we were still sinning, thinking we knew it all, and trying to control everything, God sent Christ to die for us. He didn't wait until He found a perfect people. The flood and Noah's ark didn't even create a "perfect people." God sent Christ to die for the imperfect.

2. Love doesn't withhold itself. God does not wait until we accept Him to give us a home, a family, and a purpose on Earth. He doesn't hold Love from us when we're disobedient. He doesn't turn His Love off or restrict it based on the day and weather. Love keeps giving, because it crosses boundaries.

3. Love creates the best versions of everything. Because Love keeps going beyond boundaries not withholding any part of itself, it allows everything to grow and be transformed into something even better. Love is what takes what once frightened us and turns it into what makes us go higher. Fear of snakes can keep one inside and away from nature for all of their Earthly life. Love of God provides the boldness to go into nature with the assurance that because no formed weapon can prosper, I have a right to enjoy what my God created for me to enjoy. Also, I blogged about how God has used snakes to save me from danger once before so it's evident that nothing God creates can harm another one of His creations.

4. Love makes dreams come true. How can one ever experience anything new if they live in fear of the unknown. "What if" will absolutely kill a person's spirit and ability to hope if they're not careful. Dreams are ideas of what could become. Dreams are examples of what newness looks like. With Love, one can dream with hope and confidence. With Love, one can tap into the boldness required to seize the moment before their eyes. Why??? Because Love makes everything a better version of itself.

It's so awesome to be Loved. I cannot experience love at its fullest if I'm afraid so I AM choosing Love.

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