Matters of the Heart

Written January 13, 2017

Matters of the Heart
What’s the matter with my heart?

I don’t wanna love you
Like you
Smile when you call even when I don’t try to
Slip your name in conversation with folk who don’t even know you
Snapshot everything just so I can show you
Meditate on our conversations allowing each word to marinate the Love for you in my heart
Searching high and low through life’s thick clouds for the wish I made on a star
And it’s not even dark
But somehow I know that your soul meets mine where the sun and moon part
Hoping that I’ll be near even when you’re far
Even if I’m here, I’ll be where you are

I didn’t Love you on purpose,
But I Love you intentionally.
I love you for eternity
Because you’ve found and loved the inner Me
I even love your energy
Your brilliant smile brings height to me
In you I see the acceleration God has promised me
Time stops & you fall silent, just to hear me speak
Your actions prove you’ve been making plans for Me
And since God lives in You and reigns through You
I have undeniable proof
That whatever the plan, good is the fruit
Because good is His hand and faithful is His truth
His plans are your plans and those plans are to bring hope to me
So hopefully
You’ll be next to me… eventually

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