Got to be real

You are so incredible. There is nothing or no one on this planet as You as You are. You are truly one of a kind. That said, act like it!

I walk through the mall and other stores and I see replica after replica of some idea of what a woman is as told to us by social media. Fake hair. Fake lashes. Fake nails. Paint allllll over the face. (Ever wonder why it’s called “Make up”? Because when you put it on, you become whatever you make up.) Where did the real humans go?

The United States has become a giant assembly line for gangsters, drug dealers, prostitutes and internet super stars. Everybody is trying to be somebody else. What’s real anymore?

Even I struggle to own my Beauty as I flip through magazines and websites flooded with photoshopped bodies and painted on faces. I’ve spent so much time looking outward for something like me, but in reality I understand there is nothing truly like me. I am not a carbon copy of anything other than God’s divine blueprint. I am working to un-become everything I’ve learned and taken on that’s not like God and as the layers fall, I see beauty through the eyes of the creator. Beauty isn’t based on physical appearance. Beauty is based on the state of a person’s spirit. A peaceful, humble, kind spirit is far more beautiful than a judgmental, self-absorbed spirit.

We are so important to God. He’s made every tree, plant and creature for us, His children. Life is meant to be enjoyed and shared. Love is meant to be claimed. It’s absolute free to Love and be Loved, but just like confidence, Love must be claimed. Accepted. Embraced. Love leads to confidence which leads to destiny. Confidence tells us that we are good enough and that God will supply each need right on time. I can’t fail because I’m not my own. I’m worthy because my creator is Worthy. I’m royal because my Father is The King of Kings.

I AM because He is.

Go be beautiful!

I am Eryka.

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