A – Z

There are 24 letters between 'A' and 'Z' in the alphabet. Twenty four entire letters. There are millions of words that begin with letters 'B' through 'Y'. The entire vastness of God is not something we can easily comprehend. Something as trivial as letters have an extremely vital place in human life. We speak using letters. We identify things using letters. Letters mark parking spaces and a person's spot in line. Letters adorn stadiums to alert guests of the position of their seat. Letters are everywhere. All 26 of them, yet, there's such a gap between the start and the finish of the alphabet.

Where am I going with this? Life begins with the letter 'A' and ends with the letter 'Z'. There are 24 entire letters between the start and finish of life. The sum of the average person's life is merely a few decades, 50 to 70 years old. So much can happen in 70 years. I imagine that the point of life is to begin on 'A' and be the best 'B-Y' that you can be so that when you land on 'Z' you're empty with no regrets.

Reality though… in reality, sometimes 'H' feels like 'Z'. I have found myself in the middle of some extremely difficult days and I just knew that I wouldn't make it through, but God. I am here. You are here because you're reading this. Thank you, btw. The point is, the alphabet, much like God is complete. It wasn't created to start and stop in the same place. The entire purpose of the alphabet was to be ingredients that build other things. Letters build words which build sentence which ultimately build entire novels and movie scripts. Simple, individual letters.

You and I are much like letters. Our life has a start and stop point, but more importantly, we are all apart of the same structure. We all come from the same creator. The same hands made us all. I may be an 'E' but I need at least one or two other letters in order to form a word. I need you in order to build just as you need me.

The alphabet was never intended to exist as letters standing alone. The song proves that they are a complete unit. Creation is just as complete as the alphabet, but we can't teach 'Z' if we stop midway. That said, where are you in the alphabet of life? Are you connecting with the proper letters at the proper time? Do the letters of your life spell anything?

Faith is scary. Life can be scary but we must keep going. I want to see Z. I've made it from A to this point. I can't stop now and neither can you!

I am Eryka

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