New Beginning – Grace upon Grace

This started as a poem. Not really sure what it is officially considered in the scholarly world, but it’s better here than floating inside my membrane. Here goes nothing… yet everything!

No lie…

My thoughts outnumber the average Graduate thesis

I lost count somewhere around 100 thousand scattered pieces

And each one has a mission for its shore once it reaches

Without permission, or even wishing, they get tangled and undergo breaches

Like, exactly how long until the test once the lesson’s messenger teaches

Have I encountered what I need to overcome this amnesia?

Could I physically be experiencing the illness of my soul through fevers?

Am I confused or extremely sure?

Contaminated? Or supremely pure?

Are my intentions to myself and to others of He or Me?

Am I seriously doing my best to be all I can be?

Am I giving myself all of myself? Have I even considered the thought?

Have I dared to dream of me with nothing other than the life Christ bought

I mean, if He already paid the cost…

I don’t have to.

I don’t have to.

I refuse to.

Broken pieces scatter as a result of pressure implied incorrectly

But God can apply the type of pressure that justifies and corrects me

Broken pieces to God are everything at once

Even in a million fragments, He only sees what He has done

Among a trillion last breaths, He continues to breathe into his own

You’re breathing dude!

God is for real about you. Or else, why would He use His breath on You?

I am ready to step into the image in my mind. No longer am I expecting it; I am PROJECTING it. It exists because I AM IT. I see it, because I AM IT.

I am Eryka


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