Symptoms of the Process


Cough syrup.

Throat lasagnes.




Restless sleep.

Rest with no sleep.

Symptoms of sickness Prove that something went in that wasn’t suppose to And now it’s coming out. I feel weak, yet strong. I feel down, yet Up. I feel good, yet ill.

God is with me. Mom has been here, too. Neighbors and friends have texted to see how I’m doing. Divine Healing is working within me, so it matters not what happens around me.

Nonetheless, I’m a writer so I find art in all things. Pain is an art form. Transition was required so a process is set in motion & Procedures typically hurt, so pain, is just a symptom of transformation. Emotional, spiritual and physical healing all begin in the heart. When the heart is sick, it’s impossible for the body to experience complete healing.

I believe God can do ANYthing. I won’t let go until I reach the steps of MY any.

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