Clear Eyes

There’s a familiar song that goes:

I can see clearly now the rain is gone

I can see all the obstacles in my way

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

Its gonna be a bright, bright SUN SHINEY DAY!

Consider this:

Dude says, “I can see all the obstacles in my way” right before he DECLARES: It’s Gonna be a BRIGHT, BRIGHT sun shiney day.

Obstacles equal bright days, but only when we can see them. Imagine an obstacle you can’t see. How do you dodge what you don’t see coming? How do you step over what you don’t see in front of you? How you swat a fly that’s invisible? You can’t.

There’s Light & there’s Darkness. I didn’t make it up. God did it that way, and I don’t believe it’s just the Light and Darkness our eyes see at the change of days. Light is when you can see what’s in front of you and identify it for what it is. Light is where you have what it takes to dodge, swat, and step over things.

It’s in Darkness where things get complicated. In Darkness there’s always something in the way, but it’s not visible because it’s covered with the awe of darkness. Darkness is manipulative. It gives the appearance that nothing is there. Don’t be fooled. Darkness is covering the obstacle, so it’s important that every believer of God lets their light show. When I shine my light, when you shine your light – Darkness is cast out! Where light is, darkness can’t be. The Bible literally says “The light shines in Darkness and the darkness comprehends it not.” Darkness can’t even see Light. Darkness doesn’t even try to compete with Light. It can’t. It wouldn’t know where to begin. The only tactic Darkness has is to hide its obstacles behind awe.

I don’t know what this means to whomever reads this, but Darkness was never intended to be the way. Jesus isn’t the way, the truth and the darkness. He’s the light; the one who illuminates the Father/Creator. You and me are light as well if we believe Jesus and walk it out.

Here’s the easy part: Just choose. Choose Light or choose Darkness. Where one is, the other can’t be. I encourage you to choose Light which is why I write this blog. I open up my dark spaces and shine God’s word (Light) into it then I write it here and God does his thing.

I believe that majority of my healing comes from the words that leave my fingertips either on paper or via the blog. I’ve given up so many times. I’ve opened and closed many blogs and created many social media slogans and hashtags over the years but what’s the point if I don’t stick to it? If I don’t keep my flashlight on, what happens to those who are drawn to it? That scares me. THAT really scares me.

If I never become “rich” or “married” or any other anything other than Who and what I am now, I want to always always always always always be a Light because I do not want someone to give up because the light they were drawn suddenly went out. I’ve been in places where the Pastor literally walked in at preaching time and closed the entire church. Everything, over. In an instant. No more service. No more ministry. No more events. No more fellowship. Nothing. Light off. He directed his sheep toward another light in which he felt led to and To God be the Glory, but the point is, when a light is suddenly removed, all of a sudden, the obstacles that were once visible become hidden and stumble, after stumble and bam!

So… the rain is gone. The LIGHT has come. Can you see clearly? I sure hope you do now, if you didn’t before.

I am Eryka.

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