True Fruit

Imagine if your parents gave you apple seeds when you told them you were hungry, or if you received an orange tree root instead of actual orange juice.

Growth is multi-dimensional. We start at ground zero and at our last breaths, the goal is to see God. We are the fruit of God’s tree. He isn’t satisfied with a bunch of dry seeds so he plans us in places and cause us to grow.

I’ve been planted in Baton Rouge, La for the moment. I was born here, but I’ve lived other places. I returned most recently in 2015 and the growth has been real. I’ve grown up, grown backward, grown down, but I’ve grown and that’s what matters most.

God has cut things away because all good trees need some pruning right? He didn’t take away anything that I need. If I need it, I have it already. What’s crazy about it all, in order to be trimmed, a plant just first grow. When God prunes me it’s only a reminder that I have indeed grown. He’s done some fertilizing through the Holy Spirit and those who love me. Branches, leaves and flowers have both bloomed and dried up, but I’m still standing.

My goal is to be transformed into the sweetest, most fulfilling fruit God has ever tasted. It’s important that I let Him do it. I can’t get in the way, because I may say “that’s good enough” when the plant is only a root, but God knows the end, and therefore He’s a much better Gardener than I!

He wants my fruit, not the root. He is the root. Multiplication was the goal when he planted me. He placed me in Louisiana at the time He did, within the family He did, for a specific and valuable reason. He’s growing me and the result is fruit that He can feed to His kingdom.

I am Eryka

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