Absent Abstinence

It doesn’t matter if a person abstains from sex for 20 years. If they sin in their heart, the deed is good as done.

I was proud to proclaim that I had maintained celibacy for nearly three years, but in reality, I hadn’t. My body hasn’t physically engaged, but my mind has done it’s share of doing. Eventually my mind caught up to me and temptation took over. I was disappointed initially because my record was broken. It had become about the record.

Abstinence isn’t about appearing pure or seeming Holy to those who know. Abstinence is a decision to not only honor God with your body, but to also give it over to Him. Abstinence is about what we take in as much as what we do. What we listen to and allow to form our minds determine how pure we actually are. It’s impossible for the human mind to be completely spotless and that’s why we have Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t need a savior if I could do everything on my own.

So I’ve humbled myself; climbed down off my “2 Years & Counting” high horse, and now I can truly say I am abstinent. I abstain from everything that perverts or contaminates my body, mind or emotions. I am not interesting in playing house, being rubbed, or even talking about certain subjects. Sex has its time. Intimacy is so much deeper than sex and when we throw in the physical motion too soon, it literally expels every bit of the potential that once existed. I learned the hard way. Now you don’t have to.

Use self control. Be self controlled. Don’t expect anyone else to care more about your self than you do. It’s your self. Control it.

I am Eryka.

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