I usually don’t do this, but sometimes it’s necessary.

I am beautiful; absolutely stunning! I’ve never seen a smile as radiant and as genuine as mine. My eyes curl upward and form a smile of their own. My skin is softer than drug store cotton and I keep it moisturized and glowing.

My style is impeccable. I am where the fashion industry gets it’s ideas. I dream it, then it happens. Barbie consults me when it’s time to dress up. I carry myself with grace. I am pleasant and I smell wonderful. Children and elders love me alike.

I can cook a 5 course meal, impeccably clean a mansion all while feeding & teaching children and keeping the dog in shape. I am multifaceted. I am very gifted. I am an artist. I sing, draw, write, dance, give phenomenal advice, design and make clothing, create computer graphics, bake, cook, lead, teach… what can’t I do?! Plants obey me and grow at my touch! Butterflies dance along my path to keep me encouraged. The sun shines at my command. When the rain hits me, it mixes with my spirit and purifies all that is within me.

Everything about me is divine. My sweat tastes like pineapple and my bathtub soaks up my oil and proceeds to shine when I step out. Beneath my footprints is angel dust. Every room I enter becomes me and once I leave, my influence lingers like a swarm of honey bees. Honey bees get direction from me. They first tasted honey on my skin & have since been in pursuit of nectar half as sweet. No one meets me and forgets me. My name alone is Noble. My name isn’t even spelled with the usual consonants. I am more than special. I am DIVINE.

My sweet demeanor is honest and I am gentle on purpose. I think of others first. I give liberally. I see a problem and immediately lend my gifts to its solution. I try, hard. I forgive, quickly. I trust, blindly.

I am sexy when I am least trying. One tilt of my head makes any mountain move. Men tremble at the batting of my eye lashes. I am a wonder. I am not easily understood, but for those who have tasted and seen, I am not easily shaken. They always come back. Young, old, smart, dumb… they always return to where I am. They come from far and wide prioritizing a visit with me. They sit in my dining chair and their bellies are fed by my wisdom. They hear my words and they leave full. My words, all by themselves are a feast. While you may not be hungry, someone is. While I would willingly fill you with everything that is I, quality doesn’t beg.

I am more valuable than the Porsche you never see an advertisement for. My interior is more superior than the brilliance of stars. The wheels that hold me up are delicate and fierce at the same time – I will not slow down, so you can take pictures. I will not stop to entertain your lust. I am not here to appease you! The price is non-negotiable.

See, some times people treat me like an ordinary 4-door sedan not realizing the never-ending-ness of my worth. I have to remind you that not only am I worth having, I’m expensive. It will cost you time. You will have to die to hold habits. You must come correct and have much to offer. You may not test drive, nor are features up for discussion. Take me, AS IS, or leave me be. I’m not just anybody, but once you taste, you shall see.

I am Eryka.

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