Into Me, see?

Sex is not intimacy. Sex, by itself is not even intimate. Sex is just two bodies colliding. There’s sweat & the body naturally climaxes because it’s designed to do so. It doesn’t require feelings or commitment to successfully complete the act of sex. Sex just is what it is. It’s sex.

But intimacy… it’s special. It’s connection. It’s vulnerability and honesty. Intimacy is what builds great life stories. Being intimate is an opportunity to really know the inner most parts of someone else. It’s looking into the eyes of someone and seeing their soul, because you’ve been granted access. Intimacy is special. Intimacy is also forgotten and almost foreign.

Old men lust after young girls like lions on the prowl. Fast girls throw themselves at men with certain jobs or cars as if his status will actually improve their life somehow. Everybody is asking for sexual favors and nobody cares to stop and know anybody anymore. It’s heartbreaking. Mothers don’t even know their own children these days. Kids grow up and adapt personalities and habits and the parents never know because intimacy was never established. A classmate of mine recently discovered a lot of new information about his father. The bad part is he found it all out during his father’s home-going service. How is it that we co-exist with one another yet refuse to get to know one another?

How can we seriously reproduce with people we don’t know? But it’s done… daily. Every day someone gets the news of a baby they’re having with someone they barely know. We’ve traded conversation for snapchats. Quality time has been replaced by FaceTime and half the time one party is trying to convince the other to fulfill some desire.

Show me something. Give me something. How about, KNOW ME?! Doesn’t anybody wanna be known anymore?

I want to be known – not famous. Not infamous. Not just recognized, but known. Know who I am and treat me accordingly. Know where I’ve been and learn from it. Know where I’m going and support me. Know what I’m capable of and receive my help. Know what you’re good at and add to me. Knowledge provides instruction but will anyone take the time to know again?

I wonder.

I am Eryka.

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