Let go & see

There’s one word that’s been in my spirit for the past few weeks. One simple word with three syllables. LEGACY. Defined as a gift by will; something handed down from generation to generation. When I think of this word, I don’t think old. I don’t believe that’s why God dropped it in my spirit. See, God has existed since before time was measured, but even He is not old. Old insinuates something is outdated or aged, but God is everything but.

Legacy refers to the gift of life. Adam & Eve are first on record, but trillions of men and women have walked this Earth since them. Legacy is the air we breathe. Legacy is every gift that was, yet still is. That said, what does Legacy mean to me?

Well, I’ve come through a lot of situations and understandings. When I was in college, “Legacy” was a term used to identify students who had relatives to previously attend a school or join a certain organization. Having legacy meant someone received special or preferential treatment. Now, if schools and organizations show favor to those with heritage in them, how much more does God show favor to those with heritage, or roots in Christ?!

Legacy. I can dig it.

I am Eryka.

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