I’m Walking

Trust is blind. Some times we have every reason to lose hope. That’s when walking by faith is most important. Faith is fueled by what we can’t see. Faith is literally a choice to believe in something that has yet to happen. If we can see it, there’s no point in hoping for it. Some times trust is scary. Who wouldn’t be afraid to jump out of their comfort zone, but, destiny requires that we jump. We can’t get there if we stay here. We would’ve never seen 2017 if we had refused to leave 2013.

Walking means we keep going. Walking is forward motion. People hardly ever walk backwards unless it’s for show. We keep going and hope is fuel that makes the journey more than tolerable. So many people coast through life simply existing. They make shallow plans because they don’t have enough faith to go deep.

I dare to go deep! I want to see the unseen. I want to hear the unheard. I want to go to the ends of the most untraveled places. I want to see. Before anything existed, God existed. He then created everything. The more of his creation I see, the more of Him I’m exposed to. So I must keep going. I must keep walking.

The journey is interesting. God provides traveling mates and maps along the way. He nourishes and refreshes us as we carry on. He never leaves. He gets silent at times, but he’s always there. Here. In me.

If I stop walking, I’ll never know where God was trying to take me. I just want to see! I want to see sooooo bad!

I am Eryka

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