Debatable Faith

I am a natural born debater. I can go head to head with the best of them. I’m well versed and well read, which means I can tackle several subjects without flinching. In all of my argumentative glory, there’s one thing I absolutely refuse to debate: God; Jesus Christ.

My faith is my belief system. While I may teach and encourage from the point of view as one who believes in Christ, I recognize that I cannot force feed salvation to anyone, so I don’t try. I share the truth I’ve found in Jesus. I will even listen to an opinion or two out of common courtesy, but I will not go back and forth and round and round with someone about the Bible, God or His Son.

There are many people who have trouble believing that Jesus is real. There are many who believe only the Old Testament. I respect whatever the next person believes. It’s not my job to believe for them, but I won’t argue with them either.

To the one who doesn’t believe in the New Testament: Bless Your Heart. The Old Testament is all about law and predictions of the Savior. People were put to death for almost anything in the Old Testament. The Law was strictly enforced. What we have in the New Testament through Jesus is called Grace. We have favor with God when we believe in His Son. There’s only one way to the Father; through His Son. I could stand and debate why and compare scriptures but, why?

God never said, “Argue my word.” He instructs us to become the Word by embodying what it means. Influence is often a very hands off task. Influence is all about consistent examples. While Grace is not an excuse to sin, Grace covers us so if we sin, we can repent & still go out into the Earth and be effective for God. The Law would’ve ended many our lives decades ago.

Bottom line is this: FAITH is to be believed. Individuals may question you as you walk with God. Don’t be distracted by it. Politely acknowledge that Jesus is Your Lord & Savior, remind them that he’s available to them too, and keep it moving. Arguing is a waste of words, breath and time.

I am Eryka

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