Purpose Party!

I am so elated! One of my gifts is gathering groups. I love hosting events and throwing parties. I absolutely adore giving things themes and God knows it!

About a month ago, God put a date and idea on my heart. The date, September 23, 2017 (today) and the idea, a brunch! God says it’s time to polish His crowns. I gratefully started planning.

Fast forward .. it’s almost 1 pm. The brunch was awesome!

I sent the invitation to the ladies God laid on my heart.

I sat the table using the finest China we have, not because we’re fancy, but because God’s children deserve the best.

We nibbled on fruit, sipped coffee and juice & enjoyed a great meal!

Cinnamon Waffles & Bacon

Cajun Shrimp & Grits

The word was a reminder to us ladies to Arise & Let out Lights shine! God has gifted us women to do some wonderful things, but we must be bold and courageous or none of those things will get done!

I was blessed to share Brunch with my prayer partners Kelly (L) & Toni (R). During this season, God has sent me amazing warriors to dream with, believe with and pray with. It’s bigger than friendship. It’s bigger than being social. My life is ministry. Every meeting, every meal, every happening has purpose!

I am so full! Moments like this confirm that God made no mistake in saving me. I wasn’t meant to die. I must live, if only for brunch and worship meetings with God’s daughters.

God is good!

I am Eryka

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