They will try you, if you let them

Happy Sunday my loves of the blogging world. I am elated. My weekend has been filled with purpose and worship, so all is well.

This post will probably be short. The message is simple, be intentional about the company you keep.

Some people honestly mean us no good. They pull on us constantly and hardly have anything to offer. These types of people randomly blow up when you no longer meet their needs. These types of people exaggerate small issues of their life to draw sympathy and attention from others. They probably try to spend your money before you even get it. Avoid these people.

Some times kindness can be interpreted incorrectly and a one time favor can almost become a life long habit if we don’t watch it.

People will try you. Your heart is good. Your work is phenomenal. Your energy is contagious. Of course they want more of you, but #ProtectYourPearls ! Protect your peace and your right to be alone and quiet.

They will gripe. They will say you’re acting funny. But guess what else, they’ll be a-ok.

Rest with Peace tonight. It’s your birthright.

I am Eryka

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