Stormy Brain… Brainstorms

PSA: The storms of the mind are very real, but so is PEACE & we have the authority to demand Peace to overcome the storm of the mind.

Peace be still, right?! Everyone has heard that phrasequoted several times whether it was the actual scriptureor the way Tyler Perry uses it in His comedies. Nonetheless, on some level, we are all probably familiar with the words, but how many actually understand that Peace mustbe still in order to be perfect. Also, Peace can be commanded to be still. Jesus did it himself during a storm while on a boat.

So what boat are you on? What’syour stormlike? For me, the boat is Identity &the storm is Singleness.I know that the storm will pass and Victory is already mine, but the rain still falls.The demon of doubtstillshows its horns.Lately Ifeel God encouraging me to enjoy this moment I’m in. I don’t fullyunderstand it but God tells me to have Peace anyway.

Who wants half a heart? Who wants anything if Peace doesn’t follow? No one should. While courting, have Peace. While engaged, have Peace. Before He ever steps into your life, have Peace. Command Peace to exist within you because honestly, Peace is the greatest gift anyone can bring to another person’s life.

So… PEACE BE STILL! I will live. I will Love. I will laugh. I will have Peace.Peace is still within me.

I am Eryka

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