Whistle while you Work

I can only imagine who created that famous slogan or why they came up with it… Is it because work is tedious at times and whistling distracts the mind? Is it because Joy is so hard to contain that the breath meets the lips for a musical duet and humans label it whistling? What’s the purpose for “Whistling” while “working”? If I’m working, how can I also whistle? Why should I?

And then God reminds me that Love casts out fear and Faith without Works is dead, so this tells me that opposition is meant to propel something forward.

Whistling can be a distraction if the scenario calls for it, but it can also be a way of expressing how amazing a moment is. Men whistle at attractive women. Pet owners train their pets to respond to their whistle. Ball players recognize whistles as a sign to stop. Crossing guards use whistles to help kids make it to and from school safely.

Multitasking is a gift, therefore whistle, while you work. This applies to the moment I’m in also. I feel like I’m waiting. Waiting is kind of like work. Waiting has a set amount of time assigned to it and there’s a promised profit at the end of it. I’ve learned how to whistle while I wait. I’ve learned to find safe distractions to keep my heart from being anxious. I’ve learned to express my joy and even my frustration in ways that are beautiful instead of broken. I’m learning to work while I wait.

God is faithful. He refines us. He restores us. He re-teaches us as often as needed. He’s patient and loyal to us. He’s intentional and he does everything in season and for a reason.

Waiting is not a curse. It’s not a punishment. Waiting is the place where we learn to work & whistle. It’s where we perfect our attitudes and our perspectives. It’s where we learn to adjust. It’s where we become agents of change. Waiting is where we’re built.

Lord, I’m waiting.

I am Eryka

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