Falling in Love is a process. First, one must find and get to know themselves through and through. This includes unlearning years of information that we only believed because we were told. This means unbecoming everything that absolutely is not you. That step is extensive. It’s also the most profitable.

Self-Love is the most tried form of love. Many people struggle with identity crisis because they don’t love themselves.

To love yourself, you must know yourself.

Secondly, one must become open to love. It’s one thing to learn to give love, but what happens when it’s time to receive? Love is selfless, so it’s easy to get wrapped up in giving but I can tell you from experience that giving upon giving can be exhausting! Love is meant to be given and received. Opening up to receive Love requires vulnerability. This is where the blog post was inspired. I often say that there’s #VictoryInVulnerability but the harsh truth is that vulnerability is extremely difficult to achieve. There are as many levels to vulnerability as there are to Love.

Being vulnerable means telling the truth about everything. It’s opening up what you’ve learned to love to someone else with the confidence and hope that they won’t harm you also. Vulnerability is the seed of every major accomplishment in life. Victory comes to those bold enough to strip down emotionally, mentally & physically to become vulnerable.

Note that I said “become vulnerable.”

Pride is the enemy of Vulnerability.

Love is not puffed up. Loving self breaks the walls of pride and allows us to be open to receiving as well as giving Love.

Whats this got to do with SPACE?

Well, the third level of Love I want to focus on today is Patience. Patience is what exists in the space between learning love & living love. Patience connects lover to lover; athlete to big sports contest; patience heals broken hearts. Patience is the space between Love & Whats bring loved.

In relationships, two people who are prayerfully whole come together on one accord, with one Jesus to fulfill two Destinies. Each individual soul has its own job on Earth. Marriage joins the body, but the purpose still belongs to the individual. This is why one side provides and one side helps. Marriage, God’s way, is designed as a very well-oiled machine and it’s suppose to be productive.

That said, every factory closes sometimes. Every employee gets days off. Some times there just needs to be some space between the work and the worker. The same applies to relationships. In order for the man to remain whole and ready for his task as head of woman, he must have that time away from woman to hone those things that make him man. The same for woman – every helpmeet needs time to restore and regroup. Too much of anything can create uproar and marriage is designed to be peaceful.

So S P A C E… give someone you love the space they need to grow, to become & to be restored. God can’t work on them if they’re always in your face just as He can’t work on you if your calendar is crowded with your spouse.

Space is not a bad thing. It’s a gift. Girls will be girls and boys will be boys. That’s what makes them great when they come together.

I am Eryka

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